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It’s a crazy (and competitive) world we live in. And yes, many of us are admittedly guilty of the aspirational view we have of our kids as they start playing sports.  The fact is that the average 12 year-old “amateur” athlete is working and training harder to get better. And they need to.

Recent economic times have affected us all, but interestingly they have not had a significant impact on the economics of youth sports and there has been little downturn in the competitive nature of athletes of all ages. In fact, we have seen that the demand for STACK Velocity has increased as parents are in greater need of college scholarship money. And the aspiration of getting this money doesn’t start senior year, it starts when they are 10!

This is all to say that in virtually every community, there is a demand for STACK Velocity and sports performance training. We can help assess the viability of your marketplace with the demographic, psychographic, and household economic software that we utilize.  Let us show you the business potential in your market so that you can better understand the upside of partnering with STACK Velocity and bringing this to the athletes in your neighborhood.

Established in 1999, STACK Velocity Sports Performance was founded on the idea that athletic ability isn’t merely a matter of DNA.  We came to the (then) radical conclusion that speed—the single biggest determiner in an athlete’s success … could be taught. A background in sports and science helped him develop athletic exercises and training programs that served to re-program athletes’ nervous systems.

Elite Curriculum Designed for Tangible Results

Our programs are designed and continuously updated with the help of world-renowned sports performance coaches whose backgrounds include coaching numerous elite and professional athletes, collegiate national champions, and All-Americans. Our programs are scientifically designed to improve speed, power, and agility—the three pillars of athleticism. STACK Velocity Sports Performance offers training for anyone and everyone, regardless of age, gender, skill level, or athletic or fitness goals. Our core programs are developed by age for elementary, middle, and high school athletes; we also offer programs for adults, teams, and elite athletes. Training in small groups ensures maximum one-on-one attention.

Question: So what is “Sports Performance Training”?
Answer: STACK Velocity Sports Performance Training will help you:

  • Make the team
  • Play more on the team
  • Start on the team
  • Make JV
  • Make Varsity
  • Start on Varsity
  • Play Premier
  • Get into college
  • Play in college
  • Make the pros
  • Win a Gold Medal
  • Help prevent injuries
  • Help recover from injuries
  • Get faster and stronger
  • Get more confident in sport… and in life

In other words, STACK Velocity offers a consistent and scientifically-based training and testing curriculum that benefits all athletes. Athletes that train with us pre-season, in-season and/or post-season simply get better. That is what sports performance training is. That is what STACK Velocity does every day.

The Power of Progression Measurement

Many athletes do not have the proper body mechanics when running, jumping or turning. We fix this. We do this through the use of “video capture.” We film the athlete’s initial “behavior” and then capture additional video periodically over time to measure change and improvement.  We know that “seeing” the problem (and opportunity) is the best way for an athlete to re-program their brain and apply new information.  In so doing, the body learns and incorporates new methods which result in improved strength, speed and potentially reduced injury risk. And beyond getting faster, stronger and more agile, our athletes gain confidence which make them even better… not just better athletes but also better students and members of the community.

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